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 Wall pushing...

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PostSubject: Wall pushing...   Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:28 pm

Just want to share this wit all of you...Recently some guy told me when I doin my workout (every workout) eg. push ups, I need to squeeze my but, my glutes, my quads, my abs, my back an chest...every muscle must be one and work as one. So eg. when doin pull ups, when u squeeze lover muscles u r giving energy for most active muscles that u need for specific workout. I never done any workout like this, I recently tried and I was stunned how easier it was...Also Bruce Lee did this, he was squeezing his whole body on and after workout. If u were like me, and didn't use your whole body, please try this and share your thoughts.
Also, that wall pushing thing - It's a great way to harden your whole body and learn your muscles to work as one. Yo need to stand, and put your palms on the wall, shoulder with apart or so, one leg must be closer to the wall, and just push it as hard as u can and hold it as u can do. Squeeze your every f**king muscle in your body. Don't stand on slippery floor. Your whole body must be without any movement, you are pushing a wall, remember Smile then change legs, just switch places.
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PostSubject: Re: Wall pushing...   Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:32 pm

Thnx for the share, personally i usually just squize my core (mostly abs and maybe back) when i try to do some extra reps, but yeah creating more tension helps a lot in many cases, especially advanced static moves(for example both in handstand and l-sit they say to point ur toes to create tension on lower legs).

In addition for pull ups i heard/know that if u need some extra tension, as u go up try to "bend the bar" as well, it will create soem extra tension. For push ups u can try like gripping earth (with fingers, same style that most ppl use when do free handstands.).
Some in martial arts even "try to grip the earth with their feet" to create some tension.

Finally, for the pushing wall exercise, never tried it but i have heard that Spartans used an exercise like this, they pushed trees till they rip em off. Not 1 alone but many together, they say it helped em with holding enemies of with their shields and propably teamwork and formation. Also it sounds like a great full body isometric so i guess if u can push urself a lot it can make wonders Razz

Thats my opinion (more like essay Razz ) on this subject Smile

Goals: Be able to do bar-barians requirements in less than 10 mins, 10 good form one hand push ups, 15 pistols, Be able to do one hand holds on bar and controlled negatives, 1 min hanging l-sit, backlever hold for 5+ secs, advanced tucked FL for 5+ secs, advanced tucked planche for 8+secs etc etc

Long Goal (till summer): My 1st OAC,good BL hold, FL hold, bent arm planche, free handstand push ups, l-sit to handstand on handles, v-sit hold on floor
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PostSubject: Re: Wall pushing...   Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:38 am

I just try to keep posterior pelvic tilt(hollow) so there needs to be some tension to achieve, and it was harder at start but now I feel stronger in this position
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PostSubject: Re: Wall pushing...   

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Wall pushing...
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