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 progressing with weighted calis

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PostSubject: progressing with weighted calis   Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:56 am

Just tested my maxes and its 5RM 20kg pull ups and 8RM 30kg dips
bodyweight: 81-82kg

being close to these weights felt uncomfortable even with strength to do much more, my previous training was 8-10kg pull ups for sets of 5 and 15kg dips for 5's

how would you approach to get better efficiently?
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PostSubject: Re: progressing with weighted calis   Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:45 am

Its not that bad, but if u want strength then propably working with these weight will come easier.
Also i remember someone saying that working for OAC/OAP gave him much strength in weighted pulling while weighted pulling havent helped him so much in achieving OAC/OAP. Not sure if thats true but for sure if u do progressions for OAC are also strength-based exercises.

As u know there are many great routines, u can try one "easy" and simple maxing with the weight, then remove it and max again = 1 set. Do 5-10 of these and u ll be dead for sure... u maybe even need to drop some weight midway... or go near max on the bw reps.

As for efficiently its really relative but doing less reps with more weight usually helps more with strength and less with strength-endurance, so if u work for strength its more "efficiently" i guess.

Hope it helps!!

ps: Maybe u can try to focus once per week for strength.

Goals: Be able to do bar-barians requirements in less than 10 mins, 10 good form one hand push ups, 15 pistols, Be able to do one hand holds on bar and controlled negatives, 1 min hanging l-sit, backlever hold for 5+ secs, advanced tucked FL for 5+ secs, advanced tucked planche for 8+secs etc etc

Long Goal (till summer): My 1st OAC,good BL hold, FL hold, bent arm planche, free handstand push ups, l-sit to handstand on handles, v-sit hold on floor
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Ivan Alatsakis


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PostSubject: Re: progressing with weighted calis   Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:11 am

1-5 reps x 3-6 sets
x2 each muscle/week
eat whole foods
sleep blah blah blah

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PostSubject: Re: progressing with weighted calis   

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progressing with weighted calis
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