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 progressive overload, excess computer usage and overuse injuries

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PostSubject: progressive overload, excess computer usage and overuse injuries   Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:43 pm

probably a final lesson... I kept my progress under control to not get hurt and I added just 1kg/week but then suddenly one evening after workout when I increased weight by 1 kg on everything(every rep felt so easy even with this) I started feeling elbow pain, painful on extension or flexion, next day it was only discomfort and second day I did light training without pain
then I took like 5 days rest and decided to do lightest band curls, extensions, wall push ups etc and it irritated the elbow

I noticed during using my laptop especially holding mouse causes some tension there as my height of seat was too low etc and I use computer too much every day, this could develop some inflammation and its probably a tennis elbow

do you think this could have such negative impact on my elbow? I doubt it was a result of just training and my nutrition was on point too. not sure if oatmeal, occasional junk food and cottage cheese could keep inflammation in my body tho

never had problems with elbows before, no pain there during workout(only in my left one that is not injured during triceps extensions)
only time I felt tension around elbows was my warm up when doing large arm circles
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progressive overload, excess computer usage and overuse injuries
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