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 The battle must go on!

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PostSubject: The battle must go on!    Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:53 am

Here with Warrior George setting his new deadlift record, Atlas stone lifts + some calis and the usual stuff. Some of you know i been injured for about 6months from the 420lb.atlas stone about 100attempts did it, i strained the arm further in my last vid with the natural stone.I had my left arm curling the stone not knowing it weighed 225+lbs. i should had both arms over the stone not under, then the next day i hurt it trying the 300lb.atlas stone when i shouldn't have .Be smart, and stay safe warriors.I Wish all the warriors free of injury on their WarPath.i'll be back!!! Till then Trainharddd!!!

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The battle must go on!
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