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 Mind / Body Preparation To Field Workout By Joe Chizek

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PostSubject: Mind / Body Preparation To Field Workout By Joe Chizek   Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:06 pm

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Published January 16, 2013 | By Joe ChizekIn training it’s important to remember that it’s not how much your lifting, but how you’re lifting it. Weights that are overloaded too much will have a tendancy to cause you more harm than good in the long run. Keep your thoughts on the ability to lift and move the bar correctly.

Focus On What You’re Doing
Your muscles will respond tremendously when you put all your attention into doing your lifts with perfect execution and technique. It’s feeling the workout wrather than forcing is the standpoint I’m coming from on this one.

Sure it feels great to lift like a HOSS and grow muscles on top of muscles, but you cant’ do that all the time and expect huge gains in performance and muscle development.

This workout has been de- loaded for feel and focus. Become one with your iron and surroundings. Feel the weight instead of going through the motions. The better you can accomplish this the better off you will be for understanding and becoming one with your environment where ever you are. It strengthens your intuition which allows you to pick up and hone in on things that will be important for you to know for your life.

You have the ability to internalize and focus your attention on great strengths which you can apply to your training. It comes with patience, practice and understanding when training.

What you focus on during the session will tell you a lot about the workouts you have and if they are successful for you. In other words do you get a great workout or a bad workout?

Keep working on the visualization factor when training. Focus on you and the amazing thing you’re doing. Build the powerful image of going through each rep with confidence, strength and power. See yourself as you want to be seen then take immediate action on becoming that person. Step into you the image that you have created while you train and create the best possible workout you can for yourself.

Today’s Mind / Body Preparation To Field Workout:
1a) Hang Clean 5 x 5
1b) Sled Drag 5 x d&b twice
2a) Weighted Ring Push-ups 4 x max reps
2b) Weighted Pull-ups 4 x max reps
3a) Handstand Hold For Time 3x max time
3b) Recline Row 3 x submax
4a) Kettle Bell / Db carry 3 x 2-4 laps
4b) 3 x 100 jump ropes
5) Grip & Abs 3 movements each

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Mind / Body Preparation To Field Workout By Joe Chizek
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