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 Workout of the week! by Mike Mahler

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PostSubject: Workout of the week! by Mike Mahler   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:25 am

Workout of the week!

3 rounds:
•Explosive Pushups 1x5: Launch off the floor as high as you can on each rep. Great exercise to do at the beginning of a workout to get your nervous system ready.
•Alternating Renegade Row 1x8 per side: Hold the top position for 1 second on each rep and avoid excessive rotation.
•Double Kettlebell Lockout Press 1x6 each side: Lock out one bell and complete six reps with the other arm. Switch sides and repeat.
•Low Position Lunges 1x12 per side: Stay low and walk across the room for a total of 12 steps each side. Great quad exercise that I picked up from strength coach Mark Philippi.
•Double Kettlebell Swing 1x12: Swing the bells outside the feet to chest level.
•Pull-ups 1x7: Hold top position for 1 second on each rep. Pull from a dead hang.
•Hindu Squat 1x25
•Hanging Leg raise 1x8: 2 second negative on each rep.

Take 45 second breaks in between each set and one-minute breaks at the end of each workout.
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Workout of the week! by Mike Mahler
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