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 Elbow/Shoulder Rotation on pullups

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PostSubject: Elbow/Shoulder Rotation on pullups   Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:34 pm

Hey guys. So, in order to increases by pullups count, I started doing the GTG method for the past 5 days now. My max is 5, but the problem is my form, I think.

What happens is, when I start, I'm in a dead hang. I pack my shoulders back, but then, I have to rotate my right shoulder first, then my left, then I can crank out a pullup. Rinse and repeat, but only in that order. If I even try to go up at the same time, or try left first then right, I can't--my shoulder just strains/locks out.

Do I have an injury, or is this a case of my left shoulder being considerably weaker than my right?
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Elbow/Shoulder Rotation on pullups
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