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 Work outs - new to callisthenics (new year goals)

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PostSubject: Work outs - new to callisthenics (new year goals)   Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:33 am

Hey guys - I have been trying to put together a work out that I can do at the home or at the gym. I want to be able to learn the power moves over the next year or so.

So far I can do the following:

L-Seat (for about 30s)
Second progression planche (?) - straight back holding for maybe 2s.
Handstands I can hold for about 10s on the bars
Hand stand pushups can do about 8
I can walk on my hands pretty easily
Can do about 15-20 pull ups (no muscle ups yet).

Given that I already have a good foundation over the next year I want to build up a gymnastic body, increasing flexibility and training with callisthenics only. (I will possibly do squats with weights still).

I am so used to training different body parts every other day so designing a routine using only callisthenics is proving quite difficult.

How often are you training and for how long? Do you train all muscle groups in a single day (like push ups/dips/pullups). Or do you split these through the week?

Alongside the training how often are you practising the power moves, do you do this before or after your workouts?

Any input appreciated Smile
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Work outs - new to callisthenics (new year goals)
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