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 Tips to Increase Grip Strength

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PostSubject: Tips to Increase Grip Strength   Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:54 pm

Tips to Increase Grip Strength

by Brad McLeod

1. Deadlift – This is one lift that will really expose your weakness on the grip strength. Train the deadlift with both hands facing towards yourself while holding the barbell. Dont use chalk. This will force you to use your grip strength more and not rely on outside help. Go heavy and hold the weight at the top of the lift and county your hang time. You will see your grip strength increase just by using this one tip.

2. Variety of pull ups – mix up your pull ups with a wide variety to include regular pull ups, chin ups, wide pull ups, mountain climbers, and towel pull ups.

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For Towel pull ups – I spoke with Torrie Griffin who played offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans in 2001 and he explained that the coaches were very interested in building grip strength and one of their methods was to do towel pullups. As you can imagine, a strong grip translates heavily to football in that you can hold on to a player tighter and move them wherever you want. Towel pull ups are one of many tips to increase grip strength.

3. Fat bar pull ups. An old rock climber tip is to do your pull ups on a 4 inch pipe. This is incredibly hard but it forces your hand to stay open and work all of your grip strength. The pull up bar at BUD/S is 2 inches in diamater. Larger than the normal playground pull up bar. If you want to increase your grip strength to train on a pull up bar like this you need to do pull ups on a fat bar.

Grip Strength workout #1
for time
50 meter farmers walk (you pick the weight but go heavy)
15 pull up (use a fat 2 inch bar)
50 meter sled drags using a fat rope (you pick weight

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More Tips to Increase Grip Strength

4. Farmers Walk – Using heavy dumbbells or kettle bells just walk with the heavy weights.

5. Rock Climbers Hangboard – a climbing hang board can be a killer way to stretch out the hands and build up your hand strength.

6. Sand Bag Workouts – sand bags are awkward and hard to hold which make them great for building grip strength. Pick them up, carry them and feel the burn. You can easily make a sand bag with a plastic bag and some duck tape. You can also you an old ruck sack (military back pack).

Rogue Fitness Tactical Sand Bags
Sand Bags

More Workout Tips to Increase Grip Strength

Grip Strength Workout #3
Steven Farmer climbers hangboard workout
Warmup fully for 5 minutes — then…
hang on half finger pad to near failure
6 to 8 seconds
5 pull ups on fat bar
3 minute rest is situps 20 reps pushups 20 reps
do 5 full laps
then go to full finger pad
hang 6 to 8 seconds
5 pull ups on fat bar
3 minute rest with 15 situps and 15 pushups
3 full laps
drink lots of water after this workout

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Battling Ropes

Video Review of the Rogue Fitness Cannonball grip system

More Tips to Increase Grip Strength

7. Cannonball Grip – hold on to these tennis ball shaped balls and do pull ups or just hang. If you don’t have the cannonball you can make one by drilling out a baseball and running a wire rope or webbing through it.

8. Wrist rolls or Wrist Curls – simple rolls of the wrist on a PVC pipe or broomstick tied to a weight will quickly burn your forearms for an incredible pump.

9. Finger Tip Pushups – as simple as it sounds it is very hard and will build your fingers like mad.

Grip Strength Workout #3

10 minute as many rounds as possible

10 pull ups on fat bar

10 pushups

farmers walk 200 meters with 45 lb dumbells

Wrist rolls with a PVC pipe are an excellent way to build grip and forearm strength. Check out this video on the wrist roller.

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Tips to Increase Grip Strength
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