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 Military Pressing vs HSPU Strength

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PostSubject: Military Pressing vs HSPU Strength   Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:33 pm

Military Pressing vs HSPU Strength
Posted on February 24, 2012 by Coach Sommer

The confusion, and subsequent discrepancy in these overhead pressing strength ratios, usually arises from comparing what are essentially as different as apples and oranges. Non-gymnasts have a tendency to confuse headstand pushups (HeSPUs) with handstand pushups (HSPUs). HeSPUs are the popular partial ROM movement where the body only lowers until the top of the head contacts the ground. These are several orders of magnitude easier than true HSPUs. As an illustration, consider the difference in difficulty between a military press where the weight never goes below the top of the head and a military press where the weight descends to the collar bones.

HeSPUs are an essential step in the process of developing HSPU strength, however it should be recognized that they are the journey’s beginning – not the end. If you have progressively built up to HSPUs in your training (rather than remaining with HeSPU variations) you will be able to military press AT LEAST your bodyweight; depending on how far through the HSPU variations you have progressed.

Remember resistance is resistance; it does not matter if it is a pound of iron or a pound of bodyweight – used methodically and with dedication the end result is still greater strength.
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Military Pressing vs HSPU Strength
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