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 Looking for people to workout with in Atlanta, GA, USA

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PostSubject: Looking for people to workout with in Atlanta, GA, USA   Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:47 pm

What's up Bar community! I have been hittin' the bars for a little over a year now and the love that I have for calisthenics can not even be expressed in words!!!!! One of major goals is to become an official Bar-Barian and to represent the Bar-Barians in the South.

I currently train by myself and I really enjoy my training, but I have learned from experience that it's even more fun and challenging when you train with others. So my purpose of posting this is to find out if there is anyone on here in the Atlanta area who would like to meet up and put in some sets.

Also I only now of one park in the metro Atlanta area that has all of the amenities for a bodyweight workout and it Starr Park, wich is located in Forest Park. I would like to know if anyone knew of any other parks around?
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Looking for people to workout with in Atlanta, GA, USA
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