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 Loosing Pullup strenght

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PostSubject: Loosing Pullup strenght   Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:47 am

Hey guys.
Ive been workin out for quite sum time, and want to increase my pullups like every one else.
I started doing different kinds of pullups everytime I worked out and got up to a max of 14pullups.
I got stuck tho, even tho I progressed a little. So I stopped doin pullups every time I exercised, contemplating on the fact that maby i was overtraining. And after that point I lost pullup strenght.
After a while i tried going back to doing pullups everytime i work out, but i kept loosing my strenght.
Im not really sure how my body respond to different kind of pullups and sets/repetition.
But it seams like when i rly want to push my self i only go minus.
SO what the hell should I do to not loose my strenght.
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blue hefner


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PostSubject: Re: Loosing Pullup strenght   Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:29 am

"Density routine''

You're basically going to figure out how many pull ups you can do for 10 sets. I would suggest trying 4. You will do regular pull ups, close pull ups, chin ups, parallel grip and wide pull ups. Then you repeat that. You're looking for 20-30s rest periods. You do not add reps until all sets are 4 pull ups. You may need to start with 3, and that's fine. You want every rep to be good. Right now you've still got a little size to gain, but once you're hitting 12-15 good pull ups you will either need to add weight or start transitioning to one arm work. I will suggest using this routine, which is pretty fast since it should take 10 minutes or less, until you can do it with 8-9 reps all the way through. At that point, and not before, I will help you figure out whatever it is that you want to do to continue moving forward.

I would suggest doing this routine 2-3x per week.
You do regular, 20-30s rest, close, 20-30s rest, close chins, 20-30s rest, parallel, 20-30s rest, wide, 20-30s rest, repeat the whole sequence once more.
This is the shortest and simplest effective pull up program out there, this is a gradual process, so have patience.
Drop to 3 reps when you're afraid of losing form, and just keep track of when you drop a rep. Pretty much every workout you should be getting at least one more rep on one of the sets you previously had to step down a rep or two on! Certainly at least once a week that should happen.


Wide Grip Pullups- 5,

Pullups- 5,

Chinups- 5,

Neutralgrip- 4,

Close pullups-4,

Wide Grip Pullups- 4,

Pullups- 4,

Chinups- 4,

Neutral grip- 4,

Close pullups-4,

However, I wouldnt do much chinups unless you do them on rings.

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Loosing Pullup strenght
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