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 Back in shape, I need your help please

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The Usual Suspect

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PostSubject: Back in shape, I need your help please   Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:06 pm

Hi guys,

I'm 28 years old and completely out of shape. To be precise, I have 118 KG (261 lbs) at a height of 186 cm (6.1 ft). I have a waist of 121 cm (47 inch).

This is the result of abusing alcohol, cigarettes and, from time to time, other substances. This lead to some poor choices regarding food and sleep in the last 2 years.

3 months ago I hit the bottom and I've decided to change something. So I've quit smoking. 3 weeks ago I've quit drinking also. Now I want to start body-weight training.

The main problem is that I don't know where to start. I can't do any pullup, not even a inverted pullup. I barely can do 2 push ups but my shoulders are killing me.

I can do light jogging for 10 minutes and I can jump the rope (I do 50 reps for 7 times).

If somebody started from that low, I would really appreciate some advice: what exercises should I do, how to design my routine, should I mix gym training with bodweight training?

It was difficult for me to post here but I really need your help

Thanks a lot

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PostSubject: Re: Back in shape, I need your help please   Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:44 pm

I was actually around your level a few years ago. I couldn't even do 1 push-up, but now I can do 50+ Smile

Alright so, I'd say, start off trying to build a decent amount of strength through push-ups. You said you can do a couple of normal push-ups, so start off on your knees for now. I'd say after you can do about 15 of those, go ahead and switch to your feet. After you build some strength through normal push-ups and can do about 10-15, you should be able to do a few bodyweight rows. Start adding those into your routine as soon as you can do them. Also, try doing deadhangs on the bar to prepare for pull-ups.

Start doing bench dips for your triceps. These will help build up strength for doing dips.

For legs, I'd say walking lunges and normal/jumping squats.

For abs, try to focus on leg movements, but do everything really slow. Doing hundreds of sit-ups won't really get you anywhere. Maybe try leg raises on the ground or really slow sit-ups.

Keep focusing on the cardio and make sure your diet is in check. Personally, I don't count calories, but I think it's really important for someone who wants to lose weight. Try eating about 2k calories a day, and make sure you're getting plenty of protein. I'd say at least 100g a day. Remember, eat healthy!

As for your questions about gym and bodyweight training... It all depends on your goals. My goal is to completely master my bodyweight through calisthenics, but others might be different. Just do what you want to do.

Congratulations on giving up smoking/drinking and good luck on your journey! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Back in shape, I need your help please   Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:14 pm

whats your goal? im guessing its weight loss?

first of all, i would like to congratulate you for taking a big step forward in your life for leaving those stuff behind. i take my hats off to ya, only a few could pull it off and thank God that you are one of them.

alright, these are just my advices. i'll make it very brief, im not gonna present it with scientific evidences but with stuff that has been proved to be working in general.


as an overweight person, you have to undereat now. when you undereat or in a caloric deficit, you will release a hormone called "leptin" and this will help you to burn fat.

undereat doesnt mean starving, its just eating less on your normal days before this. for example, if u used to eating 3000 calories a day. just minus 300-500 a day. you will see a difference in the LONG run. its a slow progress, but surely happens.

substitute all crappy food with healthy stuff. eat fruits/vegs for breakfast. slow digesting carbs for lunch (brown rice, oats, food that will keep you filled longer) and high protein during dinner. your fat source should only come from meat and dairy. nothing more.


judging by your size, i doubt you could really benefit much from doing bodyweights for the upperbody. the only thing you could work on is pushups first (start with knees on the floor OR hands on a bench, do few reps every hour and then to get the hang of it with good form). why? because your weight could be TOO heavy to support yourself and you MIGHT injure yourself. so, i would encourage you to focus on your LEGS first as MUCH as possible. if you have access to the gym, do heavy squats, otherwise, just do normal bodyweight squats. if you're willing to put more effort, go do some hill sprints. jump rope could be accessory for at the end of your training or during rest days. when you lose weight after a few months, then you can start doing bodyweight for the upper body and it will be way easier, to be good at this field you gotta have a low body fat. always warm up before and stretch after workout.


very important. this determines how you recover. if you're a religious person, pray often. if not, meditate would help? (not sure, but ppl find this to be helpful). and take deep breathes more often. sleep early and have at least 6-8 hours rest daily. these are vital in releasing stress. when stress is low, you will recover faster from training. key point here is dont stress, other than keeping your physical strong, your inner body and mental has to be strong as well to make you a better person each day.

training would only help to a certain degree, whats more crucial would be diet and lifestyle. those 2 would accelerate fat loss if taken seriously.


just my 2 cents. hope it helps. all the best. sunny

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PostSubject: Re: Back in shape, I need your help please   Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:40 am

cody has a nice post.follow his advice,and add some back,and pull exercise
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The Usual Suspect

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Age : 34
Location : Bucharest

PostSubject: Re: Back in shape, I need your help please   Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:14 am

Hi guys,

first of all thanks a lot for your replies, I really appreciate it.

K4lisPeluru asked me about my goal, I know it sounds crazy but my goal is to do the Requirements some day. Till then I'll focus on fat loss and building some strength.

I will reread your post and I'll try to build a routine. After that I'll post it here.

One more thing, I wasn't in this horrible shape all the time, I used to be pretty fit at some point. Now it's very difficult to take it slow, knowing where I used to be.

Thanks a lot again
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PostSubject: Re: Back in shape, I need your help please   

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Back in shape, I need your help please
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