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 Gym workout routine - split into two sessions?

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PostSubject: Gym workout routine - split into two sessions?   Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:09 am

OK wont go into deep detail but i have started to adapt my training schedule around the first steps towards calithenics and bar work. I'm a total bar noob but been losing weight and doing martial arts since feb so now im looking to finally enter than 'build muscle' phase rather than the weight cut.

Heres the (quite intense) workout plan:

- every morning bodyweight routine using 'perfect pushup' handles and my new dip station. Going to use the 'gymnast' routine on this forum but slightly adapted to basically:

3 x 12 sets of -
pull ups,
diamond pushups,
chin ups,
inverted pushups (legs on chair as i cant handstand atm)
15mins jog on treadmill to finish

currently i think i max dipped 6? so 12 is a mission for me and 3 sets of 12 is a massive challenge and a half so will just see how i go first time i try the routine.


With that workout being done in mind, im going to do the gym twice a week in the evenings of tuesday and friday as the other three evenings i do martial arts (2hrs mon and thurs, 1hr on weds). I really want to see the strength gains and feel doing a proper weights routine would be benificial. But what?

my idea was to split the two days into a 'push' day and a 'pull' day, but perhaps it would be better having an 'upper' and a 'lower' day??

any routines or suggestions would be great..

I have access to a bench, olympic weight squat rack, a cable machine inc pull up bar, DAMN heavy dumbells, multi gym with lat pulldown etc, rower and erm i think thats it?

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PostSubject: Re: Gym workout routine - split into two sessions?   Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:07 pm

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Gym workout routine - split into two sessions?
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