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 Spud Inc. Dip Belt

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Fed X


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PostSubject: Spud Inc. Dip Belt   Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:38 pm

Highly recommended!!! the BEST belt Ive ever used... even better than Iron Minds... has 2 ft of chain... and double clips... 2 x clips means the belt/plates wont interfere with ROM because the plates kinda *hug* your body and remain close...... good ROM even on the most flimsiest/unstable Power Towers... Holds 4 x 45lb Plates EASY... You can slap on plates for days... I Recommend using Olympic Plates... but the belt supports Olympic & Standard plates... when using standard plates you must remove a clip to add plates... was used to set the world record for heaviset pull up... I started off using a crappy Altus Nylon belt that was very frustrating & interfered with my ROM big time... the Spud belt actually renewed my zeal for Dips & Pull Ups once I got it

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Spud Inc. Dip Belt
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