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 Adding grip, neck, and calf work to Convict Conditioning

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PostSubject: Adding grip, neck, and calf work to Convict Conditioning   Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:40 pm

I have the first CC, and I wanted to know what the grip, neck, and calf work was without buying CC2. I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat.

Here's what I've been able to piece together. This is different from what's in CC2 (I read the index on dragondoor, pathetic as that may seem), but it fits in.

On a related note, start at step one and work your way through the progressions regardless of your level. It won't work as well unless you do.

Grip work - Progressive fingertip pushups

Go through the ten steps using fingertip pushups, start on the wall, and by the time you get to one-armed fingertip pushups, your hands should be crazy strong. Wade mentions this on page 45 of the book.

Calf work - Progressive calf raises.

Here's the progression, taken from "A Dirty Dozen" by Paul Wade http://www.musclesofiron.com/articles/a-dirty-dozen/

Standing calf raises
Squatting calf raises
Squatting calf raises on a step (with extra ROM)
Standing one-leg calf raises
Squatting one-leg calf raises

The progression standard for all steps is 30 reps. On the one-legged versions, keep your other leg out in front of you like in pistol squats. He doesn't mention this, but you could add "one-leg squatting calf raises on a step" to the end of the progression.

Neck work - Neck bridge

I couldn't find anything by Paul Wade about neck work, so I'm going with the neck bridge. It's not progressive resistance, but you can add time. If anyone does have some progressive neck exercises, go ahead and add them to this thread.

I hope this helps!

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Adding grip, neck, and calf work to Convict Conditioning
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