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 Routines for teens and kids... any ideas?

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PostSubject: Routines for teens and kids... any ideas?   Tue May 08, 2012 8:17 am

A friend of mine is working with kids who have been taken from their home.
Their age varies from 14-18 more or less.

He asked me to create some routine for them.

They don’t have any equipment.

They do have (from what he described to me) a football gate on which they can do Pull-ups but that’s about it. No suspension trainers, rings, weight plats, dip station. Nada.

I was thinking of some sort of a circuit.

No Dips unfortunately and possibly no Inverted Rows… though I imagine they can use chairs to lean their feet on.

I’m sure the fitness level in an issue too. Some will be quite fit, others not at all.

I’ll really appreciate any assistance here… it is for a good cause after all Wink

For complete beginners I thought about something like this:

Level 1 beginners:

A1. Lunges
A2. Chin-ups
A3. Push-ups
A4. Centre Plank

Level 2 beginners:

A1. BSS or walking Lunges
A2. Pull/Chin-ups
A3. Push-ups
A4. Inverted Rows (assuming they can do it)
A5. Pike Press
A6. Back Extensions
+ Core exercise: Plank / HLR

Level 1 Intermediates:

A1. Pistol Squat
A2. Chin-ups
A3. Diamond Push-ups
A4. Inverted Rows
A5. Back Extensions
A6. HLR + Side Planks

A1. Jumping Lunges / Squats
A2. Pull-ups
A3. Elevated Pike Press
A4. Inverted Rows
A5. Wide Push-ups
A6. Hamstrings Raises
+ core

A1. Pistol Squats
A2. Alternating Pull-ups
A3. Push-ups
A4. Pike Press
A5. Back Extensions
A6. Hamstrings raises
A7. Calf Raises

What do you think?

Making sense?

Should I change it?

Any suggestions?
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Routines for teens and kids... any ideas?
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