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 enigmas log

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PostSubject: enigmas log   Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:53 am

i had to edit this because my injury is the same now...

i been rehabing my arm for about 3 months i can do hspus agian and most moves with little to no irritation well sometimes.im still not 100% but i waned to test how many reps i lost and start to get back into my regular sets. after 8 hours of sanding and painting plus labor i walked to BU park pretty tired and ready to pass out but i sucked it up.im very proud of myself considering i been training to the minimum level during the injury.

rest time from 1 secs to 2 mins as the set goes along my rest increased
-10 reps reverse grip muscle ups then switch to 4 regualr versions
-2.5 second straddle planche then 2 hspu
-2 reps of oap
-5 reps big up hspu combo set
-4 reps hspu on parraletts
-6 reps of reverse grip muscle ups switched to 2 regular versions
-3 reps of big up
-1 rep of oac
-3 reps of hspu on parraletts
-1 rep of big up

i feel like i got a bit better even with a few pounds lighter i just gotta get my press strength back up to par
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enigmas log
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