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 Open question to Daniel about strength…

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PostSubject: Open question to Daniel about strength…   Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:42 am

Open question to Daniel about strength…
Or, to anyone else who can explain it to me.

A short brief where I’m coming from:
I used to be a long distance runner (15k) and was in sports school till sixth grade.
Martial arts, especially Ninjitsu for 7 years.

I moved unto Calisthenics for many reasons. Practicality, appeal and above all simply because I found the FitnessFAQs channel and – Yawza!

I have a thing for balanced routines and I am interested in some muscle mass as well (not too much though, not interested in BB per se) but I can’t say that “strength” was my initial flare.
Lately that has changed…
I’m really interested in learning and acquiring the skills Daniel and others are demonstrating but since my background is different I was hoping either Daniel himself or someone of similar passion and knowledge will care to explain to me what or rather, how does pure or almost pure strength routine varies to one that has muscle mass and… say… strength in the form of heavy lifting.

I reckon Daniel does not mean strength as in Dead-lifting 300kg, right?!
He means, levers, handstand, one arm chin-ups etc… right!?
In any rate, such are my interests as well.

Where am I getting at?
In Daniel’s tribute video where he does the L-sit-Front Lever manoeuvre someone made the comment that he has great gymnastics skills to which Daniel replied by saying: “Not a gymnast, strength and body control enthusiast!” which as silly as it sounds made me realize that:
A) I have no idea what that means
B) How does one train for these goals?

Take longer rest sessions?
Workout every day?
What kind of a ‘progression ladder’ fits that kind of goal?

Many thanks
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Open question to Daniel about strength…
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