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 My long journey to get strong!

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blue hefner


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PostSubject: My long journey to get strong!   Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:03 am

He peepz Im new to the forums, just made a account and I would like to make a training log on the net.. and some ideas/tips what you think of my workout. Ive been workin out since september to febr. then I got elbow tendonitis and I did wrong things etc.
Then suddenly I found Convict Conditioning on the net and bought it..
Since 5th of March Im following that book similar(the progressions)..

Here is my routine;

Day 1
Squat (progressions)
Calf raises
+ L-SIT training

Day 2 rest

Day 3
HSPU (atm just iso holds)
Leg raises
+ Front lever training
and If I feel I need more I do some fingertip pushups..

Day 4 rest

And so on...
More is coming just got to go now..
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My long journey to get strong!
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