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 What You Think Of Routine

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PostSubject: What You Think Of Routine   Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:59 pm

Hi would just like opinions on routine im tryin to create .. Mainly jus want to increase overall strength and eventually be able to planche press up .. This will use along 3 x MMA Sessions a week ..

Squat .. 3 x 3-8
Deadlift .. 3 x 3-8
Weighted Dip n Pull Ups 3 x 3-8
L.sit 3 x Max Hold
Dips and Pull Ups 3 x Max

weighted pistols 3 x 3-8
GHR 3 x as many as can
Bench press 3 x 3-8
Row 3 x 3-8
Leg Raises 3 x Max
Dips and pull ups 3 x Max

Squat .. 3 x 3-8
Deadlift .. 3 x 3-8
Tuck Press ups .. 10 total reps
1oac - 10 total reps
L.sit 3 x Max Hold
Dips and Pull Ups 3 x Max

I start each session of 3 x max hold off tucks and straddle lever.
Anything weighted is used RPT style .. 1st Set 90%1rm 1-3.. 2nd set 80% 3-8 .. 3rd set 65% 8+

i havnt benched or Rowed before just thought might add some benefits .. Not sure how to be honest ..
Well please give.opions or.any improvements you would make. Thanks
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PostSubject: Re: What You Think Of Routine   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:13 pm

If your primary goal is to improve at MMA, you should make sure your strength programming complements rather than negatively impacts the MMA-specific training. Without knowing your current strength level and training volume, it's hard to say whether your new program is right for you or not.

The following suggestions are based on my own preferences, taking into account 3x / week MMA training and assuming a moderate training capacity. If you're a fire breather, feel free to do a lot more! Very Happy

I'd probably split up the squats and deadlifts, dump the bench press and bent over barbell rows. I'd replace the bench press and barbell rows with more bodyweight progressions including various bodyweight and weighted push-ups and rows, handstands and handstand presses, front and back levers, etc.

If you'd rather keep a barbell focus for upper body work, I'd probably favor the standing barbell overhead press over bench press if I had to pick a single barbell pressing exercise. I believe the overhead press develops more balanced and useful upper body strength in addition to challenging your core. I'd also prefer the dumbbell row over the barbell row because the dumbbell row allows for a more complete range of motion. Just make sure to keep the weight low enough so you can manage full ROM on your rows.

The barbell / dumbbell component of your workouts might look like this:

Week 1
Tuesday - squat, dumbbell rows
Thursday - deadlift, overhead press
Saturday - squat, dumbbell rows

Week 2
Tuesday - deadlift, overhead press
Thursday - squat, dumbbell rows
Thursday - deadlift, overhead press

You mentioned the GHR... do you have access to a quality GHR machine, or will you be doing these using a DIY setup to hold your ankles? In any case, I'd probably do those on squat days because the deadlift already focuses heavily on your hamstrings, glutes, and low back.
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What You Think Of Routine
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