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 The Way To Sucess!

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PostSubject: The Way To Sucess!   Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:08 pm

Well as i told in my other posts my routine is like this simple 5x days a week full body 2x yoga

Today was:Started with armstrong pull up program progresed from 6 +1 5 sets of 7 pull ups 10x6 dips 60 dips totall 3x 15 wide push ups 3x15 diamond 3x15 lat push ups 3x15 clap 3x15 back clap so this is like 150 push ups when finished push ups i finished all big 3 workouts so its time for legs legs went crazy 3x 50 40 30 squats my legs were unfired then from squats to calf raises 3x40 calves were unfired too time for abs did the abs plank leg raises some workouts too that hit obliques and other parts and finished with skipp rope and with 5 downs 5 pushups 5 jump jack 5 run in place each leg then 4 etc its like a warmup workout
Workout Duration 120 mInutes(2 hours)
Motivation 100% Tierd 50% Enjoyed 150%
I Will be doing shortly a video after 2 days and post it here so u guys can see for 1 year what i have been working out and doing im good at push ups need a bit to work at pull ups thks again
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PostSubject: Re: The Way To Sucess!   Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:39 am

Ok today worked out started with Warm Ups 1000 times skipp rope 300 times each set ,when i finished with skipping rope i decided to do some stretches hand leg stretch etc to prevent injuries
When finished with stretch i decided to do 5 downs 5 pushup 5 moutaine climbers 5 jumping jacks then 4 pushups till 0
Now the workout routine started today was my armstrong pull up Pyramide routine wich looked like this i could resist this kind
1 2 3 4 5 6 that was my pull ups
When finished the pull ups i did 12x6 dips in one set i did 10 dips the other ones 6
When finished with dips did push ups 3x15 normall 3x15 diamond 3x15 core did totally of 200 push ups
When finished the push ups now legs my legs really burned out
Squats 1st set 50 2nd set 40 3rd set 30 totally 120 squats
and calf raises was burning like hell 3x40
when finished the legs did some ab too like leg raises plank combined with other workouts
The workout duration was 2 hours it went great a bit tierd i am
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PostSubject: Re: The Way To Sucess!   Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:46 am

Ok today Started with Warm up skipp rope jumped 2x 500 times totall
1000 times,after the warm up i stretched my muscles to get ready to work
becouse anytime that i dont stretch i almost get pain the other day
The Routine looked like this:
Pull Ups 5x max effort my max effort is 7 so 5x7
Dips +1 from the other week so 12x7
Push Ups 100 at morning 150 at my normall routine 250
Legs Squats 120 3x 50 40 30
Calf Raises 3x40 130 totall
Some ab excersies too felt a bit tierd
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PostSubject: Re: The Way To Sucess!   Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:59 am

Ok after a day rest yesternight i head a brutal workout
Started with Warmp-Up Skipp Rope jumped 12 minutes without stop so this means 1500 jumps i did
i have a digital rope for my weight i burned around 250 calories
When finished warm-up i did stretching different kind of excersises then i started the Reall deal
Pull Ups:Went Crazy 3xWider then shoulders 8 reps , 3x chin ups 8 reps , 3 x normall pull ups 8 reps:So this means 9x8 pull ups
that is around 72 pull ups i did
When Finished with Pull Ups started the
Dips:12x8 this means 96 dips around with strict form the rest was as little as i could rest
Push Ups did 100 normall in the morning 150 at my workout routine 250 totally
3x15 normall 3x15 diamoond 3x15 laterall 3x15decline 3x15 clap 3x15 incline
Now Time For legs this is the part that i dont like xd :p my legs burn like hell
Squats:50 40 30 3x50 40 30 120 totall reps
Claf Raises:3x40 my calves were burning so much
Then finished the routine with abs did plank hanging leg raises etc 3-4 workouts cuz was a bit tierd
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PostSubject: Re: The Way To Sucess!   

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The Way To Sucess!
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