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 Beginners Workout

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PostSubject: Beginners Workout    Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:58 pm

Hi everyone,

I have seen the begginers workout in the forum and im veeeeery far from them.
Three years have past since I´ve done exercises due to a hernia in L4 and L5, I have recently begin with a super extra simple workout and I feel like crap, i cannot lift weights (because of the hernia).
So i need some advise in a begginers workout, dosen´t matter if its strong, i probably wont get it all right the first time but i will try my best.

I cannot do a muscle up(imposssible right now) nor one hand pullups.
My workout consists in pullups, dips and pushups. and abs (lots of abs) but im short in abs routines.

Im 6´0 and my weight is 68 kg ( which is bad too i think)

Thanks in advance.

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Beginners Workout
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