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 Negative Muslce Up

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PostSubject: Negative Muslce Up    Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:21 pm

Hello everyone,

I just want to ask all a quesiton.

Today I was doing my negative muscle up trainings and I was finally able to hold my body controlled on the transition part and my arms was really tight and I was able to hold myself on almost chest level and did not go all the way down. This stregth level took me almost 4 months to achieve.

And also was able to do a muscle up on a bar that is 15-20 cm high above my head. I was not able to do a muscle up on that bar before Smile)

Ok this is not to console myself, I just am trying to track my improvement level and get your ideas. So now I wonder if I am one step closer to get my first muscle up? Because I train hard for that!!! Smile)

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Negative Muslce Up
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