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 Inland Empire, California

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PostSubject: Inland Empire, California   Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:28 pm

My area (91767) seemed completely devoid of any bars or decent equipment, but I've finally stumbled upon a fantastic park!

It's called Padua Avenue Park and it's up in Claremont, near the foothills.

The equipment ranges from novice to advanced, and each station has a board which describes how to do each workout and what muscles it focuses on, very helpful for those who don't know.

There's also two large soccer fields, which have slopes on the edges for spectators to sit/lay down, or for sprinting up and down.

Nicest park I've ever been to, they're supposed to add a children's playground, basketball court, roller hockey rink, water feature(?), and possibly a picnic area. I expect it will take quite some time before we see those additions, though.

If anyone lives nearby and would like to go up there sometime to workout together, I'd be ecstatic.

Thanks, if you're interested you can send me a message and we'll exchange phone numbers or something!
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Inland Empire, California
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