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 Effective Ab Rotuine.

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PostSubject: Effective Ab Rotuine.   Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:09 pm

Hey Guys.

I'm looking for a decent ab routine to really strengthen my core. Unfortunately i don't really have anywhere to do dips so leg raises etc would be difficult, and hanging leg raises are hard for me since i manage 3 or 4 and my arms give in.

Any ideas?

At the moment i just tend to do the plank for a while, tried sit ups but couldn't get the technique right. After a few times i got it down so my back didn't hurt so much, but my neck did, and that was with hands across my chest so i wasn't pulling on my neck or anything.

Also, i'm a beginner so any more simple but effective exercises would be great.

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Effective Ab Rotuine.
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