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 Need some help with integrated routine please

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PostSubject: Need some help with integrated routine please   Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:58 pm

Hi guys, Im 18 year old, thin contexture...

I dont know how to train in matter of numbers..
On these days in doing this:

Monday - Friday Dips/Pulls/Pushs/Exercises for abs... I try to do my max in all

wich is in this moment (LOL)

1rst round(in a row) 15 dips/ 5 pull ups/15 push ups

2nd round (in a row) 5 dips/4chin ups/10 push ups

and bang, no more because the numbers will be to tiny and I was burned out

Im easygoing with the abs, I just do some sit ups workin all the sides and it works great for me

Thursday - thuesday Hand stand push ups/ one leg squat / twins elevation

my max in that is 3 rounds of:

+-5 HS pushs (almost kissin the ground) / 10 one leg squat (10 each leg) and 15 twins elevations (15 each leg)

Wednesday I just prefer being creative, maybe some free handstands, some parkour training, futball, etc

Im thinkin about sundays too, maybe be a little cardio (I stopped massive cardio because I need to gain mass) and some muscle ups tryouts..

How you guys see that workout???????? scratch please help me to improve it I really want to get BBR level

Saludos from Venezuela
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PostSubject: Re: Need some help with integrated routine please   Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:15 pm

Hey there :-)

First off check out bar-barian beginners it's full of helpful tips :-)

To help gain some reps, have a go at doing pyramids and density/ladder training. (Talked about in the above link)

And don't forget to eat hard and sleep hard too :-)
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Need some help with integrated routine please
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