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 Need advice on what routine to do

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PostSubject: Need advice on what routine to do    Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:42 pm

Hey guys im trying to be a model, Im not gay lol, just people told me i should at least try it. So i decided i will give it a try im about 6ft and weight 155-160lbs. Im in pretty good shape i just wana loose some fat of my abs to make them more visible. Im trying to get the flat washboard abs i guess that what you would call it. Im looking to be more slim/ ripped instead of built with mass. Although i do want to add mass as i progress. I would like to be around 175-185.

Anyway for now what kind of workouts should i stick with to get the abs and slim body, High cardio and lots of repetition such as endurance? Every now and then do weighted exercises with low reps for mass ?

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Need advice on what routine to do
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