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 Need help to build everything from beginning

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PostSubject: Need help to build everything from beginning   Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:59 pm

Colleagues, I need your help. I work from 11 years in the tattoo studio. I like the different workouts, but I never have too much time to go to the gym. I discovered this great forum and I believe that thanks to your tips I can get more strength. My results are not too good and so please help:

push-ups ~ 25
bar dips ~ 10
-pull ups ~ 6
- Running 2-3 times in week 5km in 25min

182cm height
81kg weight
20% fat
31 years

As you can see I do not have very good results for my age by this that a lot of work sitting in a chair, about 10h per day ...
I know that weight training with my body is different from training in the gym. It's hard to find information in one place and therefore do not know how to apply them in my workout. Below write a few of my favorite exercises and if you can write it how to choose the number of repetitions, how to combine exercise and so on because I can not understand it too ... I'm a man who must have given objectives or else get lost in what I do ...

Negative pull ups
Australian pull ups
Abs training book from MH
push ups

These exercises really like, if I add some other exercises please write it.

To thank everyone will be happy to counsel in tattoos. I have my own studio for 11 years so I have a lot of practice behind me. BTW, welcome to my site mechanicaltattoos.pl
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PostSubject: Re: Need help to build everything from beginning   Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:01 am

Well as u can do normal pull ups then work with them. (Wide pull ups, normal , narrow. Chin ups, narrow chin ups, neutral pull ups etc etc). If u want u can continue doing australian pull ups and negatives pull ups maybe when u are unable to do pull ups cause of fatigue.Thats for pulling strength as for pushing one dips and push ups(wide, normal, diamonds etc) are enough. Also handstand and handstand/headstand push ups are great too.

Well after u need to workout core and legs. For core u look like have already a program so or legs except the running u can do some squats,lunges,jumping rope etc. Or some sprints and jumps can do the job too.

Hope it helps, actually i just named some exercises that u can add in ur workout, work hard and it will pay off one day Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Need help to build everything from beginning   Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:40 am

Make it a mission to do hiit/or a hard squat lower body workout before work in a fasted state take some bcaa before the workout this will elevate your metabolism so while your at work it should ease your mind that your sitting a little .Its your studio so maybe you can put a doorway pull up bar up and whenever possible do gtg method 50 sets of 3 pull ups whenever possible along with push ups if you can't do this at work then get it all done before work maybe lower body/core before work then upper body exercises after work.There is always a way around it my job at the lumber yard use to take its toll for me to train after work as im moving and lifting 8+hrs. Now i train all the harder exercises before work fasted then the basics throughout the day at work we have bars and i get creative, and if needed or if i have the time before bed i would do legs or something strenuous maybe stair sprints a set of 80-90 steps i would do 10-20sets everyday is different and you got to form around it.Plus make sure your diet is clean and stays clean for better results vegetables,fruits,lean protein,nuts/good fat,maybe some grains,beans, water.
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PostSubject: Re: Need help to build everything from beginning   

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Need help to build everything from beginning
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