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 My training routine , Please comment :))

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PostSubject: My training routine , Please comment :))   Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:24 pm

I still don't have adequate strenght so I just wanna be sure if I'm doing it right to get better. I would appreciate help Smile

So my training routine goes like this :
a) Pull-ups
set 1. 3
set 2. 5
set 3. 6
set 4. 6
One minute rest between sets, I repeat all four sets until failure. But every four sets I change grip from pull up to chin up grip I hope you know what I mean :S

b) push ups

Minute or Two after pull ups

set 1. 20 diamond
set 2. 20 Close Grip
set 3. 20 normal grip
set 4. 20 wide grip
set 5. 20 Incline push ups
45 sec rest between sets

c) dips

2 or 3 minutes after pushups; one minute rest between sets

set 1. 10
set 2. 15
set 3. 10
set 4. 10
set 5. until failure

Should I re-test every 2 weeks and put on more reps in sets?

d) Abdominal muscles

I do 4 exercises in set, each exercise for 30 secs and one min rest between sets( 4 sets)

1, Crunch
2. Scissors
3. "Bicylce"
4. Knees to chest

4 sets of L-sit and Plank , each set 30 sec for L sit, and 1 min plank.

e) legs

squats 4 sets , 10 to 15 in each set
calve raises 4 sets, 20 per set..

I do a,b,c on monday, wednesday,friday and saturday or sunday and d and e on tuesday, thursday and weekend..

Please comment, I would like advices etc.. Thank you guys Smile
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My training routine , Please comment :))
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