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 Feedback on Routines

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PostSubject: Feedback on Routines   Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:04 pm

What's up everyone, I thought I might share 2 of my routines I do at the moment and maybe get some feedback. (constructive please xD )

Routine 1 :

- Pseudo Planche Push ups

- Diamond Push ups

- Normal Push ups

No rest between those excercises. I always go for the full reps I can get while always maintaining perfect form, when I get sloppy I go to the next excercise. ^^ I repeat this 3 times.

Superset Dips (additional weight 4 kg) and normal Push ups, repeat 3 times.

Then Push ups on Push up handles, I do these very slow, kinda like in slow motion lol, and switch my knuckles to the front and back to the side once in a while. Repeat for 3 sets.

For Core I do 3 supersets of hanging leg-raises and crunches. Then 3 sets of a dragon flag variation.

Routine 2 :

5 sets of pull-ups
5 sets of chin ups

Pseudo Planche push ups ( I kinda feel like they hit my back, probably to maintain the balance)

I used to do most of this on one day, but it got kinda too long so I split it like this. Any ideas for improvement?

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Feedback on Routines
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