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 Ideal workout

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PostSubject: Ideal workout    Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:54 pm


My problem was always that i didnt have enough time to do all the stuff i want in a workout...

if i did all kind of pullups my time went away...After i did dips, pushups, handstand, but i never got time work the core.

On the next workout i started with abs, straight after pulls, then i havent got time for pushing movements...Not to mention i was exhausted.

So im fed up with this now. I still believe that a good workout lasts about 1 hour and 30 mins with stretching and warming up. I dont want to train fatigue.

I always do intensive jump roping before my workouts, and dinamic strecthing which takes about 15 mins all.

Everybody say the best training plan is to not have any plan.(sry for english). This is bad thinking. I tried it and its actually really bad idea. When i went to training i told myself ohh yeeah im gonna do Dawalli's "try this workout" (which i really like) but i havent got any time for handstands and core...

So i decided to make a "no hurry,dont worry" training plan.

With this training plan i can easily do every kind of exercises i want for chest, back.

Here it is: 1st day: Pullup, rows, core
2nd day: Dips, pushups, core
3rd day: Legs, cardio

This is simple i know! Nothing interesting. But i want to do every type of pullups or every type of pushup during my workout (not only one) to hit the muscles hard. And there wont be lack of time to not to do what i want.

What do u think?
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Ideal workout
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